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“Melissa is amazing! I’ve used her services several times and I’m never disappointed! She goes above and beyond to find the perfect gifts! She is incredibly thoughtful about packaging and making sure each item is absolutely flawless! Its very helpful especially if you’re stumped for ideas! She always makes sure to stay in budget. I will use Gift Genie again and again!!!”     Savannah Steele

Oct. 25, 2016

“I ordered the Potty training box for my 2 year old son. First off the customer service was AMAZING! The shipping was fast and the box is beautiful! The quality of the items and price is unbeatable. It’s very well put together, you can tell a lot of time and thoughtfulness was put into it. My favorite part was the potty training guide. It gave some great tips as well as Melissa’s personal potty training story. I cannot wait to purchase many more gift boxes in the near future!”    Cheyenne Bumps

June 16, 2016

“I received the fertility/TTC box as a gift, and it is perfect.  The candle smell amazing, and you can tell Melissa put a lot of thought into the details of the box! From a printout of “fertility ritual” ideas that goes with the candle, to the planner stickers for cycle tracking, plus full-size products from small businesses — it is perfection.

May 7, 2017

“I was gifted a box from gift genie express and its contents were above and beyond what I ever expected. The Halloween themed gift was perfectly tailored to me. In my box was my favorite style workout tank featuring Jack Skellington, a headband to keep my hair out of my face, a lightly salted dark chocolate bar (My FAVE) and a Disney villain card complete with a sticker sheet. The packaging it came in was adorable, and everything is a perfect fit.”     Ashley Abate

October 26. 2016

“Fantastic! I gave her my ideas and price range and she gave me options that fit perfectly to my needs in a very timely manner. The recipient was super happy and they never have to know I cheated just a little to get them the perfect gift.”     Hope Lang

July 10, 2015

“Awesome! She is so quick and gave me some great suggestions for those really tough to shop for people! So unique and fun!! She gave me ideas for gifts I would have never been able to come up with on my own! A gift I am proud and excited to give!! Thanks Melissa!!!”    Reina Hayes Jacoby

April 3, 2015